Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to our Blog!


Along with our two lovely four legged children, we acquired a small 1005 sqf house in Berkeley, California in May 2013. Previously, we had been living in a condo with no yard. With the hope to give our dogs and ourselves a playground, green space and some sun we moved into a 1940s built house. This blog is setup to record our experience of remodeling our house.

The goals of our house are:
(1) A Simple Lifestyle Architecture: We love minimalist and contemporary architecture because it suits our desires to live more simply, enjoy space and be connected to life's essentials like water, air, fire and the earth.

(2) Energy efficiency: We would like to reduce our energy use (HVAC, Water heating etc) to 80% or more from the present. And we believe that  can do this by a deep energy retrofit or pursuing a passive house certification.

(3) Ethics: Like everyone, we cherish a life of sincerity, creativity, joyfulness, gratitude, respectfulness and integrity.

(4) Affordable: We are on a limited budget. Secondly, we aim to show that the three goals above are affordable even within a modest budget.